NAS Corpus Christi Aviator Memorial


NAS Corpus Christi AMA is a Corpus Christi-based, non-profit organization

that was started by LCDR Chris “Dome” Keech and LCDR Chad “Freq” Kirk, both Naval Aviators and flight instructors stationed at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. The Memorial Assoc. was founded out of a place of personal loss and a respect for those we have called brothers and sisters and have ultimately lost. Our goals are simple: One, raise funds to build a memorial to all military aviators and aircrewmen who have lost their lives in service to our nation. The memorial will be a 7′ tall bronze statue of an aviator looking out to the horizon. The statue will be surrounded by memorial grounds, lined by donor bricks of those who have graciously donated to our cause. Once completed, the memorial will be gifted to the people of Corpus Christi, Texas. We are in talks now with the City to finalize the location! Secondly, after the memorial has been built, we will be setting up a scholarship for the children of those aviators that we have lost. These funds will be utilized for their care and education.

  • Our Goal $100,000

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